History of Aurora Mission

The History of Aurora Mission

Aurora Mission, Inc. had its beginning in the heart of Anthony T. Rossi. Born and raised in Messina, Italy, God saved him as a young man. As is natural, when Mr. Rossi came to know the forgiving grace of Christ, he wanted his family and friends to experience it too. He had moved to the United States and most of his family remained in Italy. When he would return for visits, he would talk to them about the Lord.

He started by gathering family members to read the Bible. What began as a Bible reading grew into a Bible study!

God impressed upon Mr. Rossi the need for something more than just a family Bible study… ¬† Why not take the Gospel to the city of Messina, the place of his birth? In 1966, such a venture was undertaken. Plans were made with months of prayer, study, advertising and preparation. A meeting hall was rented and furnished with a piano, a pulpit and seating for over 200.

No one knew what to expect, or if anyone would show up at the meetings. The first night the hall was filled, and for five successive nights Mr. Rossi preached the Gospel to all who came. From that nucleus, a church was established!

The young church, Chiesa Biblica Cristiana, after having been under  WorldTeam (West Indies Mission) for a time, was placed under the leadership of Aurora Mission, Inc., and under the care of missionary John Gilmore. The church continued to grow over the years and is now a strong evangelical voice for Christ in Messina.

Mr. Rossi made a yearly visit to Italy to help spread the Gospel for ten consecutive years. He secured the help of evangelists, such as Dr. Stephen Olford and Dr. Mariano DiGangi, to help preach the Word of God.
Mr. Rossi asked Joe Aleppo to come and work in the ministry with him in 1983. Soon thereafter, Mr. Rossi put him in charge of overseeing the ministry of (what was then known as) Bible Alliance Mission, Inc.
Joe was saved by Christ during one of the campaigns in Italy. Being Italian, he also had a burning desire to see his homeland evangelized for Christ. He began to work and pray even more to see this desire become a reality. (He is now the Executive Director of Aurora Mission).
Mr. Rossi passed away and went home to be with his Lord and Savior in 1993;
his dear wife Sanna B. Rossi joined him early in 2007.

In addition to the church planting ministry, Aurora Mission has purchased property in Pennisi, Italy for the purpose of establishing The Italian Theological Academy. Our desire is to provide training seminars for Italian pastors, missionaries, and elders.

Aurora Mission sponsors conferences and training seminars. Our School of Expository preaching began in the spring of 2004. Many books are being published in Italian to train the Italian pastors as well.

If you would like to help with any of these endeavors, please let us know by either contacting us or partnering with us!

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